Piano, Guitar, and Voice Lessons in Issaquah, WA


Our Studio Policies...

apply to our Core Lesson Program and in part, to our Summer Lessons. Summer Lessons are offered in six lesson increments and do not require a registration fee.

Core Lesson Program

Private Instruction

Computer Learning Lab

Theory/Performance Classes

Skills & Drills Classes

Performance Opportunities

LENGTH OF TERM/TUITION AND FEES – Tuition is calculated on a Trimester (12-week) basis for the school year. The annual registration fee includes basic instructional materials for the three Trimester school year. A 5% discount is included in the Annual Tuition Fee rate and available when tuition is paid in full by July 30. Students may begin lessons at any time during the school year. When a student begins mid-trimester, the trimester tuition and registration fees are paid in full with the understanding that a prorated tuition amount will be calculated for a subsequent term. Students who participate in outside events will pay those fees directly or reimburse the Music School for payment on a pre-arranged basis. Registration and tuition fees are non-refundable.

Levels Defined by Length of study and proficiency Annual Registration Fee Trimester Tuition Fee Trimester Tuition + Reg. Fee Annual Tuition Fee ( includes 5% discount)
Beginner ( First 2 years) $65 $495 $560 $1475
Elementary ( Year 1thru 5) $85 $680 $765 $2025
Intermediate ( Year 3 thru 7) $110 $825 $935 $2460
Late Intermediate ( Year 3 thru 8) $120 $995 $1115 $2955
Advanced ( Year 6+) $150 $1235 $1385 $3670
Intermediate thru Advanced level students select an individualized program of study. Choices are length of private
lesson time each week/number of classes during Theory/Skills week.

TUITION DUE:         1st Trimester: at registration         2nd Trimester: 11/15/2016         3rd Trimester: 3/15/2017

ATTENDANCE – The School may discontinue any student who has a pattern of absences or fails to adhere to the payment schedule. As a courtesy, please notify the school of any scheduled absences ahead of time. There are no refunds for classes missed because of student absence. However, we make a reasonable effort to make up missed private lessons resulting from illness. We are unable to make up missed Theory/Performance or Skills and Drills classes. Assignments for missed classes are available upon request.

WEATHER CONDITIONS – The Music School follows Issaquah School District closures when weather conditions or other emergencies arise. When ISD cancels for the day, the Music School will close. If ISD runs late or dismisses early the Music School may be open. We will leave a detailed message on 425-961-0981 when weather conditions threaten. Check this message first if you have questions about a possible Music School closure.

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